Friends, family and supporters

What would the big vaulting family be without the friends and helping hands around you?
Not the same world at all.

We want to say thank you to all the individuals that help us building up our vaulting team and furthermore refer to the pages of some great inspiring friends:

On Course Riding Academy
Great barn to take lessons for jumping, especially for beginners. Coach Jody teaches here on Sundays.

Diamond Acres
Is hosting us to teach vaulting and let us use their wonderful horse Moe. The owner Jodi Funk is a fantastic western and dressage trainer. Vaulting coach Sarah Stanger also operates with her three horses from Diamond Acres and teaches riding lessons.

Karin’s Horse Connection 
Vaulting Team in Michigan. You can always call and rely on Karin, no matter what, she’ll have some thoughts and ideas on it 🙂 Thank you for your support building up our club.

Bob the Equestrian 
A must read blog, you’ll guaranteed laugh.

American Vaulting Association 
We’re a member of the AVA. Check them out for more informations about vaulting.

Lunging Training
Learn more about lunging as X-training for your horse.