Vaulting is a team sport that is supposed to develop team spirit, horsemanship, own body feeling through balance and movements on the horse. Vaulting is also a great preparation for horseback ridging.

We highly encourage the recreational vaulting.

warm up

We offer vaulting courses between four and ten weeks on a regular base for beginners or advanced/ experienced vaulters. Everyone 4 YEARS or older can come.

For the kids from 4-7 years we offer a Bambini group.

Our main group is for ages 8-19 (until graduating high school)

Adults lessons (20+) upon request and for min. of four people

Join us Mondays (Wauconda, IL) or Wednesdays (Woodstock, IL) for a TRIAL LESSONS are $ 45, in the afternoon. Please contact us before info@chicagovaulting.com or call coach Sue 773-822-1834

In general we have punch cards:
5x for $175 ($35 per lesson)
10x for $300 ($30 per lesson)

Check out our current SPRING CLASSES 2021 and register.

Training starts at 4:30 p.m.. 
The lesson begins with cleaning the horse and getting it ready for practice. 
Afterwards we do barrel and horse training. The lesson is usually 1 – 1 ½ hours.

We want the group lessons to be affordable for a wide variety of kids. If the vaulting fees are too high for you on a regular basis, please talk to us.
We always encourage kids to help us with the daily horse work. 
Who isn’t to posh to help cleaning the stalls, buckets and the horses or leading them 20min for the warm up deserves a free vaulting lesson!  🙂

On very cold days we train only a short time at the barn or not at all. 
Instead we participate at a indoor gym. We’ve also our barrel at the gym during the winter; it’s available for additional barrel training.

Integrative groups
We strongly believe in diversity and inclusion. We do welcome also children and teens with disabilities. Depending on the level of disability we’re eager to incorporate you in the team. In addition, we collaborate with a therapeutic riding stable and are happy to refer you.

Private lessons
We want to emphasize that vaulting is a team sport and we highly encourage the group lessons. However, there is a very limited time for private lessons for competition vaulters available. We want to support them to work in detail on their routines and compulsories as well offer them horse-time to strengthen their rhythm feeling for the horse’s motion.
Private lessons on barrel only or barrel and horse: $ 100.

Lunging lessons
Lunging lessons are provided for classic lunging, round pen lunging, lunging for vaulting and double lunging.